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Selling Scentsy in Australia

Joining and Selling Scentsy in Australia

Scentsy is booming in Australia!  So far there are over 1,000 Scentsy consultants in Australia!  If you are looking for something to earn extra income, or become your main income, Scentsy is for you!

There are many ways to make money with Scentsy.  

1.  Home Parties:  Scentsy is mainly a home party business where someone schedules a Scentsy party with you and then you teach people at the party about Scentsy.  

2.  Booths, Fairs, Boutiques:  With Scentsy you can set up a booth at a fair, boutique, etc. and sell to people who attend.  

3. Catalog Parties:  With this type of party, you simply give the hostess some catalogs, order forms and the sample scents to borrow and he/she gathers orders on his/her own time.  You get the commissions and they get the hostess rewards!

4.  Internet marketing:  There is a whole separate way to market your Scentsy business online through blogs, Google Ad-Words, social media, etc. that allows you to gain orders/recrutis through your Scentsy site.  

 When you join my team by clicking the Join Scentsy button above, you will learn how to be successful with Scentsy.  I will personally teach you how to sell scentsy using all of the techniques above.  

To join Scentsy in Australia you must first apply for an Australian Business Number.  

Visit https://abr.gov.au and click on the Function Link on the left panel of Apply for Australian Business Number (ABN) and other registrations. The page below will appear. Complete the questions as they apply to your situation. For example, if you are an individual applying for an ABN, select the Individual Sole Trader radio button and 
indicate if you have ever had an ABN previously and whether you also need to apply for a tax file number. 

If you would like more information contact me and I will answer any questions you may have.  

Anna Smith
1-801-865-7507 text or call 

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