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Selling Scentsy in Wales

Join and Sell Scentsy in Wales

Have you heard of people talking about the newest candle product called Scentsy in Wales?  Would you like to be one of the first Scentsy consultants to sell Scentsy in Wales?  Or are you looking for more information about Scentsy?  You have come to the right place!

Scentsy was founded over 6 years ago and has a growth rate of over 250% per year, which is unheard of in the Direct Sales industry.  Joining Scentsy in Wales is the perfect opportunity to use Scentsy's past success to get an idea of how your business will grow.  The candle industry is a 4 billion dollar industry and Scentsy's product line features candles that have great scent throw without the danger of fire.  Scentsy uses an electric warmer to melt the scented wax bars at a low temperature, which takes the danger of fire and the worry of soot out of the candle product.  This concept has given Scentsy great success in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam and is now moving into areas such as Wales.  

Marketing Scenty is Wales is easy.  You can use home parties, fairs, shows, fundraisers and even the internet to market your Scentsy business in Wales.  All of these techniques work and I can help you get your Wales Scentsy business off the ground.  If you would like to join Scentsy in Wales, start selling Scentsy in Wales or would simply like more information, please call me, Anna Smith, at 1-801-253-8184 or contact me at useperfectscents@gmail.com.
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