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Selling Scentsy in Manchester

Joining and Selling Scentsy in Manchester

Are you tired of your day to day job in Manchester?  Looking for something fun, where you can choose your own hours and make good money?  Well, if you join Scentsy in Manchester,  you can!  

Scentsy is a candle company whose reputation has swept the U.S. and is now moving into markets such as Manchester.  Unlike other candle companies, Scentsy uses electricity to melt candle wax.  By using an electric warmer,  it heats the soft wax in the dish just hot enough to melt.  Once the wax melts, the scent is released.  Since there is no flame there is no danger of fire as well as no hassles of soot damage to your home.  

Scentsy's record of success is tried and true in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam.  They have enjoyed an annual growth rate of over 250% for six years in a row!  That is unheard of for Direct Sales companies!

Scentsy is allowing people in Manchester to join Scentsy and start selling Scentsy in Manchester!  Because the product and the opportunity is so new in Manchester, you will be able to grow your customer base and your Scentsy team quickly.  Which means you can start enjoying the benefits of Scentsy in a short amount of time!

I have been a consultant with Scentsy in the U.S. for 6 years and have become successful at utilizing many different strategies to market my Scentsy business.  These strategies include home parties, catalog parties, fairs, shows, boutiques, and online marketing.  I can help you become successful in Manchester when you join my Scentsy team and begin building your own team!  You will see when you join Scentsy in Manchester you will make great friends, enjoy the benefits of owning your own business and make money whiile you are doing it!

 If you would like additional information, please call me, Anna Smith, at 1-801-253-8184 or contact me at useperfectscents@gmail.com.
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