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Selling Scentsy in Cardiff

Join and Sell Scentsy in Cardiff

Have you ever wanted to start your own business in Cardiff, but were too afraid to take the risk?  Do you feel like, if given the chance, you could be a great boss and create a business that would sustain you and your family?  Well, now you can start your own Scentsy business in Cardiff with very low start-up costs by joining Scentsy in Cardiff!

What is Scentsy?  Scentsy is a Direct Sales Company based in the U.S. that markets a unique candle product that is wickless, flameless, sootless and makes perfect scents!    Hand-crafted ceramic warmers that melt soft, scented wax at a low temperature using electricity are what make Scentsy the most popular Direct Sales company in the U.S.  Primarily using home parties, fairs, and shows, to sell Scentsy, consultants in Cardiff are able to create their own customer base and recruit other Cardiff residents to be on their Scentsy team.  Not only that, but Scentsy consultants in Cardiff can also recruit throughout the UK, Germany, and even in the U.S.

Imagine being your own boss and helping other Scentsy consultants realize their full potential while making your dreams and theirs come true!  Scentsy allows you this opportunity to become independent, make a sustainable income, and create lasting friendships along the way!  Scentsy is not a get rich quick scheme and does not make promises that are too good to be true.  Scentsy does, however, promise that you will see rewards when you work your business and help it grow by recruiting others on your team.  

Selling Scentsy in Cardiff is easy when you utilize all of the training opportunities Scentsy provides.  Your Scentsy Director and sponsor will also help you succeed in your Scentsy business in Cardiff.  They are there to support you and give you ideas about how to grow your Scentsy business.  Choosing a Scentsy sponsor is important!  You want someone who is knowledgeable, is willing to take the time to help you, and will be there whenever you need it.  I will be that person!  I have been with Scentsy for 6 years and have used all the various marketing techniques available to sell Scentsy.  I will share with you my knowledge and help you become a successful Scentsy consultant in Cardiff and will help you build your own Scentsy team in Cardiff!  

If you have further questions, or would like to talk to me personally, you will find my contact information below:

Anna Smith - Scentsy Star Director
1-801-865-7507 or 1-801-253-8184   
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