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Anyone in Canada looking for a great business opportunity that is fun, rewarding, and profitable should definitely check out Scentsy.  Scentsy has been available as a business opportunity in Canada since the fall of 2009. Scentsy  is a direct selling company that has a unique product line.  Scentsy’s main product is the Scentsy Candle Warmer and the Scentsy Bar.  These two products, when used together, eliminate the danger of fire in your home while still producing a wonderful aroma even more appealing than that of a candle containing a wick.  It also eliminates the problem of soot damage that occurs with any candle producing a flame.  Essentially, Scentsy is a win-win product!

As a direct selling company, Scentsy consultants sell the Scentsy products through home parties, catalog parties, fairs, shows, boutiques, fundraisers, and the internet.  A  Scentsy home party (also know as a Scent Event) is a small gathering of people(usually in someone’s home)  where people are able to closely look at the Scentsy products before purchasing.  It is a casual environment that is fun and personal.  The hostess provides the environment and in turn receives the rewards of free and half-priced Scentsy products.
 Within a few months Canadians who joined Scentsy were able to achieve milestones such as Director and Star Director, which typically take a year or more to achieve.  The reason for this growth is because in an area such as Canada where no one has experienced Scentsy, many people are excited to join, which speeds up the growth process of your business.   Scentsy is still new in Canada and the growth potential is huge!  Becoming a Scentsy Consultant in Canada at the current time will enable you to grow your business to a level you never thought possible!

To become a Scentsy Consultant in Canada, one must purchase a starter kit for the nominal fee of $119 (plus tax and shipping).  A Scentsy consultant in Canada must choose a sponsor (another consultant)to sign up under.  This is an important decision and can make or break your success with your Scentsy business.  Your sponsor (the Scentsy consultant you sign up under) should be someone who is knowledgeable about the business and is will to help you with your Scentsy business.  I have been a Scentsy Consultant for 6 years now and have utilized all of the avenues listed above to market my Scentsy business.  As your sponsor, I would love to help you become a successful Scentsy Consultant in Canada! 

 If you have questions, please contact me, Anna Smith, at 801-253-8184 or 801-865-7507.  I can also send you additional information to help you with your decision to join Scentsy!

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